People are seeking answers and actions to manage their approach the challenges in their lives.

The effect on behaviours and ethical frameworks is corrosive as they feel disappointed in the values underpinning the new solutions. This disappointment leads to further extreme actions. The demise of multiculturalism, the rise of populism, the ‘any change will do’ attitude, all these important trends and others are a function of an ever more urgent search for something intrinsically hard to define.

Correlation Coaching offers individuals the opportunity to consider their available responses to these contemporary challenges. Through a 1-on-1 coaching process and plan, flexibly tailored to suit the individual requirements of different people, Correlation Coaching’s resources will enable effective, reachable, personal solutions.

We will do this via a practice of story building, purpose identification, and learned behaviour change. All we do sits in the context of the models we’ve developed and use, and in the modes of engagement we employ.

We look forward to assisting in removing any blockages or ceilings you perceive to be holding you back.

"Everyone needs a co-pilot - Come let's fly together".

Contact us, so we can get you off the ground again.

Jason Yutar and Ian Widdop

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