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Correlation Conversations was developed within a methodology to deliver insights to people seeking answers to contemporary problems In an increasingly disrupted world where people have more information, more challenges, and more leadership voices than ever before it is not surprising that people are frustrated and bewildered, unable to develop perspectives that are reasonable and intentional.

Correlation Conversations will deliver insights to ordinary people in this situation, allowing them to understand the relative importance of issues presented to them, and to establish plans for personal action.Topics for conversation have been defined. Subject matter experts have been sourced. The platform for a series of monthly engagements between experts and people seeking clearer perspectives will be via Zoom online meetings.

Access for experts and participants can, and will be global. The timeframe will be approximately one and a half to two hours per week. Payback will be a stronger sense of meaning and purpose for participants. This will empower them to make better decisions based on a clearer understanding of the meaning of the options they face. Contact us to gain access to the monthlyCorrelation Conversations.