We provide excellent long-term financial advisory services for the Financial Advisor's high-income clients via:

  • Financial advice
  • Life transitional and lifestyle coaching

This offer is based on:
High income individuals that are increasingly aware that the complexity of long-term financial solutions in an ever more complex world requiring unique and different approaches to manage their needs.

They are are therefore willing to allow Financial Advisors and Planners more intimate access to their lives in order better to align their financial status within their life situations and challenges.

Correlation Financial Transitions offers life transitional and lifestyle coaching as a value-added service to the Financial Advisor's clients to supplement their excellent financial advisory services. This will assist in making more informed and more appropriate long-term financial decisions in support of their own, and their clients' life goals and objectives.

The transitions for which the individual clients will be prepared include: preparation for career choice; career development; important relationship development; midlife career switches; pre-retirement planning and implementation; and later life decisions and choices.

Correlation Financial Transitions charges its services to the client/individuals. Payback to both the Advisor and individual client will rest in the superior returns on investment from improved planning, decision making and implementation.

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