I started coaching in the early 2000s to support clients I was working with as a sales consultant. My approach is holistic, interpreting issues and challenges as part of a system rather than stand-alone factors. This is especially important regarding family and personal wealth planning.

People naturally progress through transitions in their lives during which their outlooks, purposes, lifestyles and financial requirements change.

Without appreciating and anticipating these effects, people can derail their long-term security.

My fifteen years of experience as a coach (business, executive, and personal) have taught me the value of understanding transitions in one's life.

The prospect of implementing this style of coaching with individuals regarding their life and financial objectives is stimulating and rewarding to me. I am also a consultant and learning facilitator, and as such, I bring a broad perspective to the consideration of personal financial planning issues. I am a Partner in OI Global Partners Southern Africa, a global career transitions coaching and consulting practice.

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