I'm Jason Yutar - a happily married father of two amazing children. Both my children have taken up sporting activities such as karate, swimming, and even chess - which take time and discipline. My wife and I jointly felt this was important, as we wanted our kids to learn that if you want to achieve, it does not happen quickly. Only once you put in the time and effort, as well as acceptance and patience, will you see the payoff.

This is the reason I enjoy endurance sports so much, taking part in numerous Half Iron Man distance races as well as stage bicycle races.

Staying healthy and fit is important as well as again it teaches that in order to stay on this path takes discipline and patience.

This is one of the correlations I see between living the life you want without the financial burden. Create an achievable goal that means something to you, set small targets along the way. And if you stay the course, even when you are in a dark place, you will be guaranteed success.

I began my career setting up and running multiple Kumon franchises around the country - while paying for my BCom and BCom Honours in Business Management at Unisa from 1994 - 1999.

Following this, I joined Discovery, where I taught financial advisors about their products and helped them to sell. Over a period of two years I earned a "Top Three Consultant" award and paid for my tuition at the University of the Free State, qualifying as a Certified Financial Planner.

Thereafter, I went on to join my father's successful insurance practice, Yutar Financial Services. Three years later we came into contact with an Australian company, iPac (Known in S.A. as Acsis) - a global lifestyle financial planning firm.

While working with Acsis, I was introduced to their financial planning and coaching methodology. I wanted to explore this further and joined a Consciousness Coaching course which, over a period of 18 months, taught me to become more aware of my thoughts and my reactions to these thoughts.

We live in a world of perception and language - we make up the world we see and experience. As soon as I became aware of this I realised it was possible to make real change in my life and around money.

Once my clients learn to become aware of what is going on around them on a conscious level they are then able to deal with their "money issues". Once they've addressed the impact their thoughts have on their lives and prosperity, they can then start to build and achieve meaningful goals.

What I learnt gave me the drive to start my own coaching consultancy, assisting people to achieve their personal and financial goals.

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