In April 2018, my life took a turn when I received a retrenchment letter from my company after 11 years of service. I was devastated and was faced with some new challenges. I was 'forced' to make some life decisions.

I needed an objective point of view and a sounding board as well as the necessary tools to deal with my disappointment and loss.

Jason provided the support I needed - demonstrating both sympathy and empathy. He guided me by actively listening and assisting me in making MY OWN decisions. Although I was still nervous, I walked away better equipped to deal with my situation. Today I no longer feel as if I failed - but rather that I gained insight into how I can deal with life issues.

Thank you Jason, for your professionalism, kindness and emotional intelligence.

Debbie Gordon


I am a sceptic of coaching and past experience has shown that many coaches are there for the quick buck and have no real interest in any form of a deliverable.

Jason on the other hand explained exactly what he was doing and that everything was based on me and not on him. From the outset, Jason took me from a sceptic to a believer as he went through the process, he engaged me on a level that allowed me to move from one point to another, he supported the process by following up regular, he stayed present and ensured that he was well prepared for our meetings.

Jason used the conscious coaching method and the results speak for themselves, not only did he guide me but allowed me to change what I previously did not believe could be changed.

Clifford J. Blackburn
MBA Huds (UK)
Chief Executive Officer
TSI Central Station


The other day I received my first proper compliment on my work. People have noticed how I've changed, how much I'm "on the ball". I like it!, I enjoy it! Thanks Jason.

Craig Gerber
Snr Fin Advisor
Maximus Wealth Management