Your Financial Asset Map

1. Plot Your Route.

Organize any financial goals, desires, destinations by household, group or individual - regardless of complexity, by building and maintaining your Asset-Map.

2. Plan & Pack.

Find and see, what you have or require, to reach each stage of your journey - on one page (not 80 pages).
Develop your unique plan on how to get there.

3. Manage.

Build understandable, clean reports that will enable you to make informed decisions as to what steps to take next - including data mining and insights for workable solutions.

About Asset Map

Your Financial Asset Map is a way to build your investment plan in a way that you could easily see it, understand it and manage it.

Now you can, with a digital solution that gives you a “big picture” perspective, enabling the option to see your financial plan laid out on one page. This solution presents a helicopter view of all your important relationships and all the associated financial considerations.

Explore a new way of engaging with a financial planner through cutting edge technology via mobile phone, desktop or tablet, a first in South Africa. Financial Planning Complexity made simple.

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